New Weapon/Build Idea

I think Garry should add a SAW and with the saw you can put it in your hotbar and while its selected it will highlight anything THE PLAYER has built and click to delete. Of course it wont be an instantaneous deletion.

So you could like equip the Saw and Delete Walls pillars ECT

If it only works on stuff that the saw user has placed, then I think it’s a good idea. Otherwise it might make bases pretty pointless if its that easy to breach walls.

I like that idea, then you can redesign your building, and fix your mistakes!

Great idea, I approve this as well! :slight_smile:

Maybe a hammer that destroys the things u placed but gives u a half of resources you used to build it ?

i reckon they should add the AK-47

best gun in a apocalyptic world

hmm sounds interesting

Maybe a saw could be used as a faster way to gather logs?