new weapon ideas? post your ideas here.

I was thinking of 2 new weapons but I don’t know if 1 is over powered. my first idea is Bow and Arrow but it is realistic like the further away the enemy is the higher you have to aim above him like on battlefield 3, also my other idea is sniper rifle with the same idea as on battlefield 3 the further away the higher you have to aim but I don’t want the sniper rifle to overpowered like deals just a little more damage than the M4. what do you think ?

This was already posted, next time look before you post. :confused:

really where ? sorry dude

I suggest:

The awesome revolver

  • 25% damage
  • No recoil
  • 8x scope
  • Instakills animals and shoots through walls
  • No critical hits.

i would generally love if the game would go away from standard weapons like shotguns/m4’s and go a more survivalist route… spears and slingshots anyone :3?

+1, bows and maybe some poor pistols, would be fun

nice idea for the revolver and I like the more survivalist weapons idea it would be good to add them all so people who haven’t got weapons or the material to make the big weapons would be good and gives the people that hasn’t got a lot of stuff a better chance to defend them self’s and possibly raid someone or kill a randomer near their area

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A list i thought about to replace guns n stuff:

spears(hand to hand combat and thrown ones),Bows(different arrows for different damage upgrades-> wood only= med damage/low distance and arrows with stone/metal tips for bigger damageand penetration+ flightdistance,slingshots,simple knifes, makeshift grenades, blowpipes? damn… that would be something that truly never has been done before :smiley:

These are the types of things I’d love to see in-game but It would be nice if you could find a few items in hidden places like a Winchester or a hunting rifle stashed in a abandoned wooden lodge and a about 12 rounds so that people use their ammo sparingly and not to bum-rush people with.

I like the knife idea go up behind someone and slice them that would be good grenades are already implemented

Guns and assult rifles needs to be harder to get, its so boring when everyone runs around with m4 and 1294832895928358923589 bullets and full kevlar - im sure many of them duped.

I think with a hunting rifle that the ammo can only be found in loot boxes not made that would be so good and make people use their ammo so much more strategically

No sniper please sniper rotten the game !

I wouldn’t think a sniper rifle would ruin the game if they make it op then yeh it would but if it takes 3 or 4 shots to kill a guy with Kevlar or does a little more damage than an m4 I think it would be good you could only craft a sniper rifle the ammo has to be found only in the loot crate I think. like in the small loot boxes probs 1 bullet maybe 2 very rarely 3 or 4 in a drop crate id say about 2 to 5 bullets