New weapon mod to reduce M4's sway/recoil

Since most people are complaining about the M4’s sway and recoil, why not add a hand grip mode to reduce the recoil and sway. Hand grip mode will be just like any other modes such as holo sight or laser sight. It can be crafted with a certain amount of low quality metal then simply attached I td weapon.
M4 hand grip model:

It can also go for pistol but it looks different… So there should be 2 different mods. Pistol hand grip , and m4 hand grip.

Pistol hand grip:

So tell me what you guys think.

I personally think the recoil/sway I good the way it is, but I wouldn’t say no to a grip.

I’ve had the same thoughts. Very good idea! Is is possible to mount 5 things on some m4’s but only 4 things available! A front grip would be awesome!

hell no , we dont need to add stuff to the already too good items in the game. seriously

What are the already too good items?

The recoil isint really that bad, especially at closer ranges. It’s not a sniper after all.

I would love to see a single shot mode, would make it more fun :slight_smile:

any weapon apart from the bow , hand cannon and pipe shotgun are horribly balanced.

its a fricken assault rifle , in a game where most peeps are banging two stones together and living in shacks

new mods are planned.

calm down… I have no idea what you are saying and what your point is, if u r saying they are horribly balanced then that’s the exact same reason I suggested a hand grip…

I like the idea of a foregrip or customized pistol grip, however I think they should reduce just weapon sway and not recoil.

Recoil can be handled by a compensator, which is basically a large flash hider like device that weighs down the front of the weapon and changes how the gasses are expelled from the weapon. This will make us need to choose either a suppressor for stealth attacks or a compensator for less recoil.

the down side to the compensator is that it would make report louder and/or make the flash larger at night

I think we should come up with items / attachments that will overlap so we have to make a real choice as to what we want to use, and not let the default M4 be a sight / suppresor / forgrip / flashlight deal.

On that note, I think an unmodded M4 should also not have a flash hider, but instead let it just end as a barrel. this would cause the M4 to basiclly look like it has a large fire ball in front of it at night (but not change much during the day). Then we can have a flash hider mod that dampens the report a little bit from stock and disrupts the ‘fire ball’ into something that is a tad harder to see at night.

we can have another mod called a ‘recoil spring kit’ that will change the rate of fire (lower or higher to fit the users wants, this makes it 2 dif mods and can the idea can be reused for any weapon)

a bayonet attachment would be cool, so you can poke people at close range.

I would like to stay away from any M203 / M320s unless they just fire smoke rounds or flares… scratch that, a flare launcher would be amazing for night time use and a smoke launcher could mask your guys setting up C4 on doors in a raid. we could also have some kind of flechet round as well, but im iffy on a weapon like that in this game (balance issues).

and pistols can have forgrips and stocks as well

Welcome to alpha testing, things are often unbalanced this early in development. (you shoulda seen how Tribes Ascend was, I was in their first testing group and balance was very poor lol)