New weapons and entities shouldnt be added ONLY to cloudscript

Hello facepunch .
I did mention that lots of SWEP and ENTITIES creators post updates and new weapons/entities only inn cloudscript .
Come on , stop that . Having an addon in addons folder is much better .
What do YOU think

What’s the difference? You still just press a button in-game, besides, in Cloudscript you always download the latest version while if it was you would have to hunt down the latest version.

Cloudscript cant save data , like in evolving rifle , so you download it once again , and all starts again .
If you have connection problems you can play if you have addons , but cant if you download from cloudscript .
You cant edit lua files for yourself.


Saw that next update will download scripts into addons folder

If releasing through Cloudscript is enough, use Cloudscript.
If there is content that Cloudscript can’t hold, use

Didn’t see a good thread for it, and this isn’t worth one so I’ll dump it here.

I’m bothered that I can’t browse through cloudscript. Old/not as popular uploads are just hidden away someplace, since you only see the newest/most popular ones. Such as a portal type entity that I think blackops made.

>>Cloudscript cant save data

Lol? Cloudscript saves to garrysmod oybox.