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Scenebuild on gm_darkgrass
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Last time I checked, the DM Orcs and Goblins don’t get along very well…

But oh well. the picture’s pretty well done.

Haha this is awesome

This is a really fucking awesome pose!
Nicely done man.

Well, goblins are sly bastards who try to overthrow the orcs when they get any opportunity. But in other situations they are just orc minions

Thank you

Thank you kindly

The blur on the goblin on the right seems off. Personal opinion: if he’s gonna be out of focus, don’t have him looking at the camera. If he is gonna be looking at the camera, blur everything else slightly (just enough to keep emphasis on him).

Other that that, great pic, man.

Thanks for advice!

This is what came into my head when I saw that

Jump to 2:56 :smiley: Cool pic.

Say umm…where did you manage to get those models for the buildings ?

I genuinely can’t make out anything, sorry, It’s just a haze of grain and colors.


Disregard that, i was lying down when i typed this, and now i can see the pose.

Looks p. good.

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Although there is a lot of jaggies and JPEG Compression.

They are from Dark Messiah