New Weapons

i have heard people talking about how new weapons like bows will be added and guns will be a lot harder to get. can someone pls confirm if this is true???

It is true, go through the thread called Rust General chat 2 there should be pictures is the last few pages

not just new guns, but also totaly getting rid of high tech military stuff (p250, m4, etc).

Really, I wounder if that will balance it out a bit more

Personaly i think it suites the game better, home-made weapons made out of wood/metal.

That is true a naked guy able to craft an M4 does not really fit in but it also applys to cars. I would like to see more homemade type weapons then military grade.

They could still keep it in if they make it so it super rare to find ammo and the actual guns.

edit: by super rare I mean like there is only ever 1-4 M4 on the server and there can only be up 30 ammo for it. This is just an example

That would be a bit to harsh …

That why I said it was an example, the idea would be that M4 would be a weapon to fight for and can be a deciding factor in a battle. Having the ammo limited is to make the user think about when they are going to use it and if it worth using it to kill new spawns with it

Well I don’t really like the homemade stuff. You can craft a fucking army suit so the guns now fit fine imho. :slight_smile:

As long as they dont introduce sniper rifle then this game is ruined.

From what I’ve understood they’ll be overhauling the researching system. One would have to find (4) FOUR M4 in order to be able to craft it himself. That would take up quite long since for now you can’t get M4 from air drops / crates / zombies. High quality weapons will be a lot rarer.

why should it be ?

Because you would like to sit on your duped superhigh tower and snipe newbies ?

You know what I mean :wink: just checked one of your ‘‘sarcastic’’ post.


I dont see how making it so you have to research an M4 numerous times would help because once it researched they can just keep crafting it like they do now.

guys… thats all end in : you can find know only m4 blueprints in airdrops —> only big clans can find it ----> rust lose more people then ever… think of it

like atm: metal bp´s can only find on airplanes AND really rare from ziombies i killed 2 hours zombies on us and dont find any metal bp…