New West Coast Noob Friendly Server Admin On No Abuse! Pvp Sleeper Please Join!

Hey guys im hosting a server thats noob friendly but still pvp and sleepers. I only ask that you warn someone before you shoot them. NO KOS. NO TROLLING. everyone can build in peace but if you feel threatened or the need to protect yourself go ahead. Admin is on most of the time and THERE IS NO ABUSE. this server has been up for about 2 days and the more people the merrier. Its 50 slots and has plane drops. Try to be kind to your neighbors or bad things might happen !

copy paste this in console press f1

go ahead and join and see how you like it. IM The Proctor friendly admin.

Dallas HFB servers …
DDOS attacks are keeping the server down but I keep it up as much as I can… just keep trying and write the ip down!!!

Happy Hunting!