New West Coast Server - Come Join Us!

Hello all. Some friends and I have started our own professionally hosted server. The bandwidth and CPU are guaranteed for a pleasant playing experience. Currently the server is slated for 50 players however if we start to get close to that number it is easily expanded.

We have the Oxide Mod installed with the Door Sharing plugin. Other than that the server is completely default settings.

The admins are only myself and a few people I know personally in Real Life. We are not interested in interfering with the game other than to keep cheaters off of the server. We will not be spawning any items, airdrops, or other forms of gaining an advantage of on other players. We have all been playing games since Ultima Online and love to experience games in their purest form. Because we do not like to interfere with players and the game we will not have rules or special regulations. This game will be played as the game designer has intended without any meddling from us.

The server just started 1/29/14 so if you are looking for a cool place to start your RUST experience give us a look.

Server IP:
I look forward to seeing some new faces.

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Come on down, step right up, get prime real estate now! Stake your claim!

Awesome server you guys! Love how friendly you all are! I recommend this server highly :slight_smile:

Come join us :smiley:

Sounds like what we’ve been looking for, my buddies and I may check you out.

Server has some new people having fun… come on down!

been playing on this server, great people here. Been having a great time…i recommend this for anybody

Willing to take suggestions and make changes depending on what the player base wants. Looking for more people to get started here.

Forgot to mention… This server has been pre-payed for 12 months. If you are looking for a stable home for the long term, look no further!

this server is still working out really great…thank you

Averaging 5-10 people most of the time. No hackers or cheaters. Get in while the server is new!

Great time to get in here and build, great people in here.

Admins are great and friendly! Perfect place to play! Join Us :slight_smile:

This server is great! We need more players though. Feel free to join guys. All of us are friendly.

To the top. Still looking for active players.

Great time to join…room to build your fortress, great active players