New WH40k Roleplay - In need of helping hands

Hello and Greetings to the Denizens and Battle Brothers of Facepunch;

I am the infamious Commissar Rave, leader of iRP (Imperial Roleplay) and head of the ongoing Warhammer 40k RP.

I find myself in the dire need of some assistance with my project to bring a proper 40k roleplay to Garrys mod, and not some doursome DarkRP type of mischief but a serious planned out Roleplay. It has been with my team of assorted few followers and I that have been working on this project for a long dedicated time now, about a year and a half to be exact, and have seen many great successes and failures at mustering this RP remdition of a Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Regiment battling the forces of Chaos and the Void, with almost a hundred models and weapons at my disposal as well as a server to run this on, I still need a few things and hope you can help me with it.

Things I still NEED to do:

-Weapon V_models for 15~ models
-Reload and other animations for said weapons
-A script for makeing a drivable tank for the Roleplay
-Someone capable of doing Hi-Res textures on a few models models

Things I WANT to do:

-An arrangement of Warhammer themed maps to do campagins and regular missions on
-A person to assist in making entirely new models for later use in the Roleplay
-Micilanious other things

So if you are a Lua Scripter, Animator, Modeler, or Mapper please consider what i’ve said and post a response for questions or concerns.
I will let you in on more information upon request.

Emperor Protects