New Wieght/support system is fun :) Sideways Building....

some fun with preliminary tests :slight_smile:

I thought all Garry put out was a new construction system. I didn’t read anything in his twitter for the past 2 weeks about weight and support being worked on.

it was added today i think, basically the building needs to be supported, and its on the dev branch of course, but seems the support system is finicky.

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not sure how its being supported so well :slight_smile:

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and this is how far i made it before it fell

Btw these are all windows and walls

Agree it is not a complete system yet there are faults in it but I like the concept. And placement of the construction components in the new server build #141 seams to be better than the system in server build #2009

Oh and mrknifey you can now place stairs next to walls/pillars and vice versa

I hope Garry and the team stick to this system. But I thorght that about the last system.

same i am enjoying the direction and the progress :slight_smile: just figured id share some anomalies from the new system today :slight_smile:

Lol funny stuff

only had 2 windows fall so far lol

fricking awesome. thanks for the info as always kulan mate:)

i had some issue with putting pillars beside a wall/window but other than that it works perfectly :slight_smile:
pillars need to go in first i believe then the wall :slight_smile:

yeah though that doesnt always work due to pillars having the “i dont want to be a pillar today” attitude and falling off the construction

I like how if stuff like pillars get knocked over, the things they support fall. It’d be cool if they added explosives (as long as they were balanced in terms of production) that you could place to blow apart bases, kind of like how you can blow shit up in Red Faction: Guerilla.

I think the falling parts need to have the possibilty of damaging or killing people if they are hit buy the parts. Might stop oeople from destroyin your base just to be assholes

I think building walls sideways is history now “Fixed building walls horizontally out of the side of other walls”