NEW WIPE 04/15/2014 - [EU][DE] Free4all - Ultimate survival - PvP/PvE - Arena events - Active admins


Server-IP net.connect
Slots 200
Memory 10 GB RAM
Last wipe 04/15/2014
Teamspeak 3 available


· 6 days: Player versus player (PvP)
· 1 day: Player versus environment (PvE)
· Sleeper-Mode (Logged off players remain lying)
· Weekly events
· Active admins and member support
· Fair play
· No admin-abuse
· C4 in airdrops
· No weapon research


· Your Rust-Account must be purchased legally
· Hacking, bugusing and griefing in any way is strictly forbidden
· Abuse of serverbugs in any way is strictly forbidden
· Please do not spam or discriminate against other players
· Please use an appropriate language and behave with respect
· Server advertising on behalf of others is stricly forbidden
· Please contact an admin, if there are any questions or problems
· Rules can be changed by admins at any time
· Raiding during PVE is strictly forbidden

If you offend against the rules, you get banned or
cautioned for the amont of your offence. Your ban
reason is public and visible for other servers.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact
an admin or just let me know!
Cheers and love,


so fantastic server , i played since yesterday on it with all my friends.
I love the PVP Events on the weekend , and i hope we make the server full of.

Hello I was on a server and found it really supper nice people very helpful’m still on the events stretched lgSungo

It´s a really nice and fair Server. Helpful Member and Admins. I just can recommend this Server to every Body who is searching for balanced Server.

so fantastic Server , now we play on the weekend PVP Arena / Event Bow & Hatchet :smiley: really funny Arena.
Im so happy to find this Server ^^

You’re welcome to visit our Easter-Egg-Special-Event today evening :slight_smile:

if you are looking for admins my friend and i will happily join

Sry we have alot admins , but it would be really nice when u friend and you join this Server.

We have a new server-IP! Thank you gaming-host ;p