New With Cakescript and GMODRP

how do i add weapons to these rp please answer

how to i add entities/weapons please answer

i want to add guns to probably gmodrp


Glock $600
Fiveseven $1200 (probably won’t add it)
AK47 $1400
Desert Eagle $1600
M4A1 $1750
M3 $2000
G3SG1 $3500

Also a Money Printer $2000

Prints $100-300 every payday

have as most as you can afford

I’ll try to find it if it doesn’t get answered and here’s some more

Cigarettes $5
Water $5
Alcohol $5
LSD $15
Mushroom $100
Heavy Aspirin $20
Heroin $250
Cocaine $200
Weed $500

mostly bad things to get rp like a little crime-ish
if you can afford it that is lol

actually nevermind if anyone thinks prices are good i will keep it up Durgzmod for drugs css weapons for css

If you can’t figure it out. I suggest you don’t run a server with them until you understand more otherwise you probably won’t have much of a success, mainly because community’s don’t like owners that have a small small small amount of knowledge on their own gamemode they decide to run.