New with posing, what addons and models should i get?

I am good editing screenshots, so i thought about making my own ones, but what ragdolls, props, and addons should i download? I want to make more original screenshots than ones related to Valve games. If you give me links it will be more helpful, thanks for reading.

Wrong place to post it.
This is for screenshots you have actually made.

Oh, then where does it belong?

Not here.


That’s bullshit.

This is exactly where it belongs.


Download whatever models you need, as for addons. I don’t know of any, I know there are many good ones. But I never use any.

You’re plainly and simply wrong.
This is where it does not belong.

This forum is for releasing screenshots you’ve made; you should notice that, seeing as how you’re obviously not blind, and every other thread like this has been told to go somewhere else.

These threads have not ever belonged here, and they shouldn't start belonging here now.

Because every Tom, Dick, and Harry, who need “screenshot help” would clutter up the forum and push out all the actual damned screenshots.


Well you coulda pointed him to the sticky

some useful stuff in there