New Worlds 2 Compile Issue


I am currently trying to compile the New Worlds 2 map from .vmf to .bsp, but I am having an issue. I go into Source SDK, I set it for HL2:E2, open the map, and I go to file>run map>ok. After awhile the compiler freezes and my processor gets stuck at 100% until I end the vvis.exe process. Am I not configured properly or is there an issue with how the compiler works?

I would appreciate the help.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64
Processor: Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT

Wait until it´s done…

It’s probably an issue with too many visleaves.
The map is very large and visleaves can only have a certain size. The compiler gets stuck when its trying to check visibility of the enormous emount of leaves.
You could try a hacked compiler that creates bigger visleaves [link]
Or try filling the map with a big func_viscluster [link]

Seeing as it’s an already released maps .vmf it can be compiled, so just wait. It will most likely take a long time.
Even if it looks like hammer/vvis/vrad have frozen, then it’s not.


On top of that, use Valve Batch Compiler Tool instead of the Hammer compiler. It’s much better.

PS: Refer to Firegod’s link for the best optimization tips ever. Spend some time to do what you can to optimize your map, that might be all the issue is. However, the Hammer compiler also likes to stop respodning for me randomly, so I never use it. That might be your issue, but I think it’s just an issue I alone have.

Thanks all