New Worlds 2 [Spacebuild 3]

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] New Worlds 2 [Spacebuild 3]

[tab]Version:[/tab] 2.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] New Worlds 2 with Spacebuild 3 Support!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] HL2, EP2

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

A revamp of New Worlds, New Worlds 2 now has full support for Spacebuild 3, a few tweaks to existing planets, and a brand new multi-level asteroid base to replace the (admittedly weak and last minute) original base.



Looks great!
However, a few suggestions.

  1. If those ragdolls are in the map on load, could you possibly not? Unless they’re frozen somehow, this will be okay :slight_smile:
  2. remove the combine textures. Really not much of a need of that in spacebuild.

Overall detail and construction of the map looks great. Giving it a download with SB3 to test it out tonight :slight_smile:

I’m going to play the SECOND I rebuild my computer.

Those zombies scared the SHIT out of me. Thanks Bynari.

There are a lot of weird errors in the top right, but that could be because I was playing on SB2. And that asteroid base was laggy as hell, whenever I looked at that end of the map my computer cried blood. I loved the inside of the asteroid base, though I kind of miss the old one. Overall, good, but I’ll keep using the first one until the SB2 version comes out.

Whereabouts did you see the errors? what did they look like?

I keep getting a error I think it’s a overflow error or some thing like that

Yeah that’s what I was getting. There was a shitload when I loaded it up then when I played it happened every once in a while.

The huge bunch of errors I get as well on any map, I think they’re related to the Spacebuild Model Pack. As far as the other one, I haven’t been able to track it down yet. Gameplay isn’t affected, though.

Does this work with SB2?

amazing map, the asteroid base is possibaly my faviorite plannet…one problem, the asteroid base has no ls or inernal atmosphere. honestly you should put in some kind of breathable atmosphere and a gatespawner file as a release like new worlds 2.5 or something.very nice map otherwise though.

Well, as far as the asteroid base goes, I decided only to have gravity. A lot of the fun of spacebuild is to make an area habitable, and since it’s an abandoned structure, I wanted the player to have to work to reclaim the base.

I may make a gatespawner file and release it separately in the future, if someone in the community doesn’t already do it, since they did a pretty good job with the last version.

It would be nice if someone would make a gatespawner :slight_smile:


Very nice map. good work!

Nice map, my only issue is with the new asteroid base. Running around inside, Spacebuild seems compelled to remind me that I’ve entered the base… several times. Usually when I go down a side hallway.

Will this map work with SB 2?

no it will not

then where can i download SB 3? and i am not sure i wish to upgrade just yet. Do older SB 2 maps work with SB 3?

All SB2 maps will work with SB3, but they will not be able to use all the features SB3 has. All the required and optional components can be found here:

Please explain

thanks for the link


yeah i get the same thing not that big of a problem though, as for the map, great work big improvement over v1. I love the new base but i can’t seem to get it to the point where i can life support it. SB 3 is going to take some time to get use to so i will figure it out sooner or later.

Very nice job!

True but this map isn’t backwards compatible with SB2. Would it be possible for you to compile a SB2 compatible map as well as some of us don’t like SB3 as much as SB2.

As for the overflow issue, I have tested this in SB2 but not SB3, it gives a CCRenderlist overflow error whenever I look at the asteroid base and my frames drop from 90 to around 22!!!

I get the overflow error in several spots in the map too, just without a significant FPS drop. Also, while it would be nice to have an SB2-compatible version of the map, remember that SB3 is still in beta and it will take a while for everything to be finished for release.