~New|X-Hosters Halflife 2 roleplay.|New~

I like the picture, but there’s nothing new here, GUI’s same, script is not changed.
It never made out of Roleplay scene, it just has one server.
You already made an advert, why don’t you just edit that one?

Ah, please enlighten me to my other advert?
And how can you judge something that you’ve never played on, and please link me to whomever has the same gui as me. It’d be rather amusing.

Thanks, Chris.

Ugh, you’re wrong there, I’m a veteran member of this community, been there since the beginning.



Yeah glad to know. And unfortunately, as you can see both servers are situated under a different category. This one is for Half life roleplay, Whilst the other is resident evil.

And both user accounts are different, how on earth can I edit someone else’s post? Even if I wanted to edit his, why would I as it’s advertising a completely different server.

Should’ve known better, the server isn’t different, btw.

Aha thanks for enlightening me. Now go nibble of at someone else’s thread.

I was just stating some facts about this server for other visitors.

You got the website wrong, it’s “X-hosters.com

Thanks you for spotting that mistake. But in future, if you’ve got nothing nice to say about us or anyone else in this case, then I suggest you don’t post at all.
Because I don’t think anyone else would like you throwing those futile remarks at them regarding the script they use and the notations of the gui’s.
After all, it’s NOT all about the script, it’s about the players/admins and those who help us run the servers.

Don’t take this the wrong way though, I’m not trying to start an argument. But I found it rather insulting for you to come to our thread and throw those vulgar unsophisticated remarks at us.
Either way, thanks for spotting that mistake mate.

Hey look, two threads for one community. Maybe you should fix that mistake too.

Yeah I would, but being that both catergorize under a completely different gamemode. I see it stupid to bind both threads as one, because some people don’t like Zombie/resident evil games, such as myself on a note of conscious.

Either way, as much as I want to delete the other thread I can’t!
Because the thread owner is a different person.

That’s like me saying “Hey, Fretta and Zombie Survival are quite different, maybe I should create three threads for my community!”

See where i’m going?

And since it’s under the same community, I’m sure you’ll have said thread creator in your Steam friends. I’m sure they’d edit the post on request.

Like I said, both gamemodes are completely different. I’m helping to run the HL2 and he’s doing the Resident evil.

I made those images,thread descriptions specifically for this gamemode. If I’d of added more games to the gamemode then it’d be a community advertisement. Which it is not.
It’s a gamemode advertisement. I’m advertising the features specifically for THIS gamemode. If I added the other gamemode then the thread would be never ending, and people don’t want a continuous thread that takes ages to read. They want it simple but efficient. And that’s what I’ve done.

And the gamemode had just been opened, as of Tuesday.
Being that both categorise under a completely different gamemode and are run by completely different people, I’d assume this is acceptable.

Sure sets an example for your community.

Hey look guys, another server advertisement that screams ‘I have a massive ego’ and ‘Were going to be the next TnB guis!11!!22@’

Sort of seems like you really want people to donate and encourage them to minge with their donation powers

Ahahahah, I stand corrected, it is infact a DarkRP with an overpriced gamemode that makes everything supa srs.

If you read the news, it says our Donnor page is NOT done yet. -.- Thats just testing stuff.

Good god…

Wow. This looks like shit already, 1x agree.