New Year's Addons List

OK guys…

Haven’t been here for ages due to exams and whatever, however as a welcome for all the new mingebags who arrive to the servers after christmas, I have an idea to reduce their stupidity.

I would like us to compile the standard addons for the beginning of the new year. A comprehensive list; including links to guides (for svn and such) and where to actually download the addons themselves. Maps, Props, SWeps, STools Vehicles… you get the jist.

Let us, as a gift to the noobs that mean well, make them become functioning members of the community.

I shall start:

Phoenix Storms Prop Pack (PHX): The standard construction pack, it is compatible with nearly all addons. Best updated using SVN. An explanation of how to use SVN is here: . The URL of Supository for PHX is


Possibly the best rp map out there. This is the second version of RP_Downtown_V1A/V1-1P

A rather vanilla version of WireMod, for those that fell that they really MUST move on from the good ol’ numpad. As long as it doesn’t include Expression 2.