New Year's Morning in Mojave

I really intend with this pic even it doesn’t explain much about New Year that is coming.
I know that I just came in last year. Some pics are shitty, but thank you for a lot of advice, criticisms, and rating as always.
I hope I can do much better in next year and yeah… enjoy your holiday :V

Few parts for scenebuild. :slight_smile:

Nice! Very nice!!

Also, stalking gekko. Alternative pedobear?

Like it a lot, but hawai doll is really low(

Nah, I just put it as my personal like :smiley:

ํำYep, I still use old HL2 prop. =\

Not just you, but try to hide low textyre models in corners/shadows/ don’t use them at all :slight_smile:

Or you can try and find higher resolution reskins, such as those from Gamebanana and Fakefactory (or at least Fakefactory prior to CM4, as from then on in, the developer murdered everything even seemingly good about it)