New Year's Pyroteknix Show (2010)

Many of you may remember the fireworks show that Me, Dapcnut, Jaja, and Steamedbuns put on a while back. We have had people asking us when we would do another one.

Well, here is your answer. We will be allowing some people from Facepunch into the server to watch the show live just like we did last time. There will only be 8 people selected from this thread to join the server. We will also be broadcasting the show live through our Livestream page. A movie will also be broadcast before the firework show (Any movie suggestions?). More details will be released as they become availible, but here is what we have so far:

12:00 A.M. on New Years Eve

Broadcasting Channel:
First we will show a movie at about 10:00PM, and immediately following we will broadcast the firework show.

Suggestions for a movie are welcome.

Our channel can be found here:

The server info will be released only to the 8 people selected from this thread. I will PM the info to you if you are picked.

Selected Members:

Check back here to see if you have been selected to attend. There will be cake!

Other Info:
We will update this thread as details become available, and your questions are welcome and will be answered as best as we can.

Props will be limited on the server to prevent spamming, and if you are not mature you will be kicked immediately. Only basic props will be available as well as the things required to build the display.

Our previous show can be found here:

Our goal will be 500+ Fireworks, and we will update you on the build throughout the movie.

[Edit]I will be asking Garry himself if he wants to make an appearance on the server. You will get the play in a server with Garry achievement. After the show we will be broadcasting things that the community has submitted (PM me if you want to submit something). It is my hope that we can release some sort of community made movie or something like that if anyone is interested. Maybe some Mods, Map Makers, and other famous Gmodders want to announce there plans for the 2010 year in the post show. Let me know if your at all interested. Thanks

Thanks and stay updated!

Won’t most people (Probably including Garry) be out on the street parties in their town/city?

You know I never even thought about that. That is a good point though. We may change the date if no one is available.

Heh, no way I’m going to watch/play on that, I’m outside shooting real fireworks, change it to 10 and probally people can.

I’m asking to attend. If you need a 10 slot server donated for that day, just ask me, I would be glad to help.

I’m asking to attend.

I’l be watching you ! i live in noplaceland/cant afourd fireworks

I will but when would it be for me? (I live in Australia NSW)

I’m asking to attend.
I would Enjoy it.
I coukd test my new video card and see how pretty it is. espally with water.
I thing il make a map with a island with water and across it another one for spectators and the other fir fire works so the water reflects the effects Hopfuly
My name is Riddick-GMA-GA

I missed last year’s opportunity, would be excited if I could join this year’s.

All time is Central time. It live in the US. So It would be -6 I believe.

I’m asking to attend :smiley:

I’m excellent with wire so I can help you set up the fireworks

Yeah, I’ll be at a party. How about 12:00 pm the night before? Or the following night?

Im going to attend

I would love to attend this awesome show and i could help where ever needed


I think I’d have better things to do on new year’s eve. No offense, but it’s true. It’s also been mentioned quite alot in this thread so I don’t see why you would be offended by it.

Garry can connect then leave. The achievement can still be achieved.

/-EDIT-\ Also, 12 AM your time is 10 PM my time, so I wouldn’t mind stopping by.

I would love to attend!