New York 2027

**Mr. Breen**: Welcome, welcome to New York city...

breen is eating out all the cities then?

I like to imagine that Breen never actually says the name of any cities other than 17, they just dub Microsoft Sam over him

what’s up with the rotor blurring

Didnt touch it, it’s model by itself.

wouldn’t that be “…welcome to City #…” ?

Yeah, but i tought this time would be better with names, not numbers.

The rotors are spinning. :v:

Thats default :confused:

uh, he didn’t imply that it was a bad thing

But is there any other chopa models that are without spinning rotors?

The HL2:EP2 chopper that you see at the end of the game has it’s rotors folded back.

Wouldn’t you want spinning rotors though? I’m pretty sure they can’t fly without them.

I mean like people critized this picture about that default spinning blur on rotors. So I askd: Is there any without spin, so I should edit by myself.

Ah ok, I don’t know I personally like how the blur is. But hey, to each their own.

Didn’t realized this on the first day, zoom to see more

And what is there?

that’s a strider you idiot

ok ok, this thread is old… stop bumping it