[NEW YORK] [500 Slots] BattleReady Gaming 24/7 Sleepers PvP Friendly Admins

Welcome to BattleReady Gaming Rust! This is a new, 500 slot Rust vanilla with RUST++ server; with some very friendly administrators. There are currently 2 admins.

The administrators here are very friendly and will always play the game as any other user would. Administrator will never spawn items nor unobtainable props. Proof is required before ban related actions are taken. Hackers will be deleted.

You will most likely forget that admins even exist; they want to be recognized as a player of the server not as a superior.

No rules!

The map is currently clean and new; do join. Everyone is welcome:


Teamspeak coming soon! (very soon)

Also, please leave feedback on the comments below. Thanks!

Very nice server. Runs very smooth. The admin I ran into was very cool.