New York based city survival horror map design

Hello, everyone.

I and some other guys are making a server which is open-worlded but without RP. We are making a New York inspired map (tall buildings, their style of architecture, etc. for inspiration), but we are in need of someone who will be able to draw us a map, so we know where to place what.
In short: we are looking for someone who can think of a stragetically base/house/apartment block design for the map, so it will be balanced and won’t look as random as if we are placing the buildings randomly. It is a zombie survival map, which is at least as twice as big as EvoCity, so you will have to think of it as if you were to survive in a big city with a zombie infestation.

Please respond with a private message on Facepunch, or add “Killazz112” on Steam if you would like to know more about this.

Good luck making a dense city the size of EvoCity with enough detail for enterable buildings.

Fixed. You guys got a LOT of work ahead of you if that’s what you plan to do.

Evocity was pushing god knows how many limits when it was released.

Please do a bit of research into the engine. You have half a mile cubed to play with, and a map that detailed will stress the engine to the point of breaking.

Oh, is anyone else bored of zombie invasions?

I always prefer small towns to huge cities, it gives it a darker feel to it.

Plus I live in Cornwall and we don’t really have cities, just fields and farms.

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And pasties.

Dammit, now I want pasties.

That’s fantastic news. I also went faster than the speed of light yesterday on my push bike.

Ever heard of multiple servers running parts of the map? :slight_smile:

What’s the fun in downloading up to ten parts of maps and joining a different server everytime?

So it will be like deus ex 2…walk through a door, oooo, 5 mins loading screen.

You aren’t missing anything, I live in a big city in America. Enough said.

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By the way OP you should keep the idea downscale it, and make it more creative, like ickypop, i learned everything from that map

Yet another person who has no concept of the amount of time and effort it takes to map, let alone map something as big as this.

Like others have said, EvoCity pushed nearly all limits. Going twice this just won’t be possible with Source engine.

I don’t think he wants the map, just the plan.

It’s just like lazy kids. They want to pass school, they plan to study, but after a days work, they give up and forget it.

This would be hard on the Cryengine, let alone the Source Engine.

It would be fairly easy on the cryengine, udk, unity, it’s just that source is starting to show its age.

I will submit one building if i can put pictures of all the first born children ive stolen.

It honestly wouldn’t cowards and portals are a bitch, so you have to first create all the models for every single building, make the interiors and then optimize, with the way evocity was set up. If he wants 2x that in the cry engine with zombies, it would be very difficult.

That’s the way every game engine works…well, apart from source because it is special and uses brushes.

It is, but its easier to use brushes for a project like this. However with a project like Crysis 1’s islands. I’d stick to the Cryengine.

The amount of time, exporting the models, reassembling them and then having to put in portals and vis area (Witch is next to impossible in that engine)

Also, unless you optimize it properly in the cryengine. You’re going to have a lot of polygons rendered.

Even though Crysis 2 is in New York, you cant enter most of the buildings. In evocity, pretty much everything was able to be entered.