New York Subway R42

Is it possible to make a model of the R-42 NYCTA Subway car? I find it boxy in shape enough to be made, if anyone can do it for this awesome subway map I had just found for GMod

There’s already models of trains quite identical to the ones your looking for in Garrys mod…Thats if you have Half life 2

Oh I see
Well is there a way to get the cars from L4D to GMod?

If you have L4D, you should just be able to spawn them.

The subway in L4D does look like the subways, but has some cons
-the cart is way too small (width is short so it looks like it was squeezed)
-has less details to it (no black windows with letters, no attachments at the front)
-has no room (looks like being in a bus, with no driver room and such)
would be better as a separate model, even with body-groups to change the letter, the color, details, theme, and other stuff.
i’d like a R40 model too, those things are old-school but great