[New York]Survival of the Fittest[Wiped 1/21]

Welcome guys!
I recently bought a server because of my disappointment in other servers.

I decided that I would post it here just in case anyone wanted to play on it. Right now there aren’t many players but I am looking to advertise it to get decently big.

The server is running the Oxide and everything should be working great. I have a few admins that should almost always be available during peak hours, and we will ban hackers. The main reason I started my own server was disappointment in other servers catching hackers. The server is PVP based.

The server will have 1 TP request per day in chat.

To view a list of the plugins, please type “/help” into chat. Don’t forget to type “/starter” for an awesome starter kit!

IP Address:

Still working on setting it up so all features don’t work currently but will be set up sometime in the next couple days.

Feel free to join and tell your friends.

Server is fully set up and looking for active players