NewAdmin Help

Okay, so here’s my addon list.

Magic Packs
Dan’s NPCS
Conna’s Tools
CSS: Realistic Weapons
Door Stool
Dismemberment Mod 1.9
RP Vehicle Pack
Hat Maker
Kermite’s Everything

Yeah, okay, so, I deleted Ulx, Ulib, and ASSMod from my addons, and NewAdmin is still having some problems. In terms of commands and stuff, it’s fine. When I type “SetRank Midtown123 Owner”, no dice. Nothing shows up, no errors, no nothing. My ranks file is empty. I’m still considered a guest. Please, if you can help me in any way, feel free to contribute.

NewAdmin is no longer supported by its own creator (Overv). When basically every lua pro insisted that it was a failure, Overv gave up and decided to try again. Evolve is the new Admin Mod he is making. It’s not yet done, but it’s already MUCH better than NewAdmin. The SVN link for it is in my SVN Tutorial:

Remember: Evolve is only getting better. :slight_smile:

Yes I’m basically telling you to dump NewAdmin and get Evolve instead. In case you were wondering :stuck_out_tongue: