Newb asks about map

so i want to remix rp_avalon_space cause i want to fix it but i cant find the bsp or vmf files anywhere could someone help

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First of all… This is a very bad idea, but.

What you would have to do is:

(.1 unpack the .gma it’s packed in

(.2 decompile the .BSP with a decompiler “assuming there isn’t a security lock on it, because if so, the map is locked.”

(.3 Setting up hammer, then loading the decompiled map in…

Major issues with this, is the maps will never decompile accurately, you will always get messes, some that are even completely broken. All this is good for, is for mappers who want to see how other people have done certain things in other maps, and get some general ideas.

It’s not good for making edits then recompiling…

tl;dr . Your wasting your time… Try making your own maps.

if you have never released your own map before and only edit other people’s maps; I will haunt every future vmf you create.

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