newb mapper/member


well im not exactly new this is my 5th map but ive only been mapping for a few months (had an 8 month break because of uni). this place looked like a good source of opinions and constructive critisim.
here goes nothing
mapped using the cstrike engine and currently is unnamed. this map is going to be a de map (bomb defusal) and i might make a Hl2 deathmatch out of it.

First bomb site

CT spawn

Second bomb site

A booring corridor

Still lots of detail work to do

An overview showing the layout so far

The brushwork looks cool.

I actually want to try this map.

You might be the only person on Facepunch to have a good, lit, well detailed map as their first post.

And thanks for not releasing fullbright construct-type map_V2142432354.

You definitely know what you’re doing

Alright then:

+lighting: the lighting suits the skybox and is atmospheric as well as casting interesting shadows
+brushwork: the brushwork is excellent, even without texturing the map is far from bland or blocky

=detail: detail is a neutral point on this map. Whilst it currently has some detail, it could surely benefit from some appropriate props (although they may be hard to find)
=theme: it’s hard to tell what theme you are trying to get here, and textures would help suggest this.

-texturing: Personally dev textures feel like a lazy way out of spending time not texturing. They’re great for knocking out a gameflow test level, but for a finished product feel tacky and incomplete. I feel some custom stone textures would be good here.
-Gameplay/purpose: Whilst it looks great, what does it actually do? I’m sure this is just a test map, but is something to consider in future, a map can look great but still not fun to play because there is nothing to do.

Some good points, a few things to work on, but all round far better than the average first map posted. Congratulations.

Looks good. But you might want to texture it with a default texture, or make a custom one. Dev textures aren’t that attractive.

I do think you should keep it white-ish. But I think you should not texture everything white, add atleast 3 colours, for the floor, objects, and walls. But it’s your map, you’ll have to think what’s best for your map. And when I see this, you’re doing fine.

Very creative, looking forward to what this is going to become.

WARNING: Cluster portals saw into cluster
ive been getting this alot latley
worked on it a bit more last night and this mornin
pictures in OP

Looks great. Also what is it supposed to be ?

Its supposed to be a de map for counterstrike and im thinking about doing a deathmatch version for halflife2
as for what the theme is … i have no idea lol just kinda making it up as i go

For that error: Made any use of cun_detail/optimisation techniques?

Damn, I really like the brushwork. Looks good if you ask me :slight_smile:

Some of the brush work reminds me of stargate (A)
And yea, very nice indeed!

Holy shit! 5th map? This is VERY nice!

Either your being extremely modest or know your good and are trying to show off. Or the off chance your a prodigy.

That has some very interesting brushwork. Now, please, for the love of God, tell me you didn’t make all the jutting out bits world brushes, that would be horrid for VVIS surely. Also it reminds me of the style used in the Mirrors Edge: Pure Time Trials maps. You should try going with a similar texture theme (white with ONE vibrant colour running throughout the level). I think it’s fit well.

Anything that stops each room from being a perfect square is a func_detail
im liking the mirrors edge idea might give it a try
what would be causing this? it only happens when i look at this part of the map and only from where im standing( if i move 1m fowards it stops happening)

also 3d skybox in progress

Most likely caused by this error: WARNING: Cluster portals saw into cluster
which is messing up VVis.

I suggest you compile the map with VBsp only, then go map>load portal file and have a look at exactly what your visleafs are doing. Look for a nasty mangled mess of blue lines and work out what is causing it.

Looks nice, but those cubes you might want to make into models (assuming they are brushwork). If you don’t or if you don’t find a better way to make them with less brushes you’ll hit some errors eventually and the brush limit too.

you belong in the mapping gods chair