Newb Q: Ghost prop while using phys gun on it?

What plugin controls this? We are running a DarkRP server & wan’t to stop ppl making the world shake and prop killing. We thought it was in falco’s prop protection, but I guess not. Please help. Thank you in advance!

P.S. I seen this used extensively in sandbox servers. Thanks again.


Falco’s Prop Protection ghosts props which are being physgunned. You can get it seperately or get the one included in the DarkRP SVN. SVN Tutorial:

Do you know what the cvar is or what setting in falco’s should turn that on/off? We goto the utilites tab when hitting Q, then falco’s settings. So we have it installed and played with it, no go. Thanks for replying.

If anyone knows this, I too would like to know the setting / cvar of how to enable this phys gun prop ghosting?



Its called a anti propkill script. Isnt it a bit dumb to bump a 3 year old thread. Just make a new one instead