Newbie in town

Hey guys my name is Pupsqueek,previously Plazma and im in desperate need of cash so im making maps and selling them for 1-3$ via paypal,i dont know if im any good,my friends say im good at mapping,but they are my friends and would of course say that so here is some of my work,send me a request for a map and maybe when im done you will like it and would pay 1-3$.thank you!

Previous work:


And thats about it :slight_smile:

UPDATE here is a video of one of my maps
UPDATE AGAIN My email address is donate money to my paypal if your really nice :slight_smile: email me if you need any more info.

nice first post.
but i do have to say, nice job on the little city map thing… need some new trees, though.

It wasnt a city it was a raw copy of pacman,but Thanks much :slight_smile:

It is against the copyright agreement to sell maps. You can charge people for the time you spend on them, but not on the maps themselves.]

Also, you have a long way to go before selling your work. Enter some competitions, make a few maps, build up a reputation around here.

Selling maps for money? Man why didnt we think of that???

I’ll be blunt, your mapping skills aren’t high enough yet for such maps to be sold.

I mean, you used HL2 textures in a TF2 map. This same map is also fullbright. That alone indicates a disregard for aesthetic insight, for one.

Wait at least a year, keep practicing in Hammer, and then see if you should sell your maps (though even then, selling maps themselves is ridiculous).

I know im not a very good mapper but like i said,i need some cash and i figure i could probably make a few bucks out of mapping,if its illegal oh well ive seen it done alot so i dont really care

That’s completely different. The people you’re referring to ASK for a map and offer payment. Someone makes the map and the user pays the mapper. They’re not paying for the map (in theory), they’re asking for compensation for their time making it.

There’s a difference making a map for someone because they said they’d make it worth your while, and just making maps and demanding payment from anyone who wants them.

I think.
…Gonna have to consult the copyright agreement.

What?, really?, for money?, who would got on stupid idea like this?

EDIT: also the map looks terrible for the newbie.

But no one would want to pay a mapper of your current skill level.

Plus, as TurtleeyFP said, you don’t sell maps themselves, you are paid by whoever requests a map to compensate for the time spent mapping.

No…you have seen skilled mappers make people maps for a fee to reimbursed their time. They have not been selling the maps themselves.

If you want to make some money out of mapping, you need to increase your skill level, as at the moment it is very poor. Hang around, release images in pimpage, work on some free maps.

Alternatively, if you need some money, mow some lawns, get a job.

Heck, I’ve been a mapper for like three years and I still don’t consider my work to be worth even a single cent.

You need to get way better before you can map for money.

Hello all, I am Mark and i am new here. I have recently join this community to get in touch with the latest information and make discussion on issues related to different topics. Hope to get great experience from professional persons here.

Franchising a business

Probably should’ve started a new thread for this, Marco.

OnPostSpawn ----> prop_physics ----> Kill

You need A LOT more mapping experience before you can even consider to be compensated for your time mapping, your previous work just seems to be the standard blocky fullbright maps we see all the time, try watching some tutorials from the following users. (Me) (Firegod) (Ironphoenix)

Guys…post dates…

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Oh fuck me, god damnit Mark.