Newbie posing images

If you are new to GMod, post your images here!

Something I made to test posing and face posing:

If you call tossing a ragdoll in the air and splitting it’s arms and legs to unrealistic lengths and exaggerating the subject’s facial expressions to stupid proportions, then I guess it’s testing.

Don’t forget the broken window.

I could never get the faceposer to work before, so…

Is this any better?

There isn’t much to it… Just don’t use presets and play with different settings the way you need it to turn out.

I didn’t use presets! I will have a look at some of the broader options though.

Needs screenshot quality 100 + anti alias.

OK… Looks alright to me but I’ve never been up to graphics standards. :psyboom:

If it was serious pose you would’ve been ripped apart for the image quality, but hey it was just a faceposer test :downs:

Just something I whipped up in 5 minutes for a friend.

I got some of TF2

So… Uhhh… Is the scout on the first image wearing any pants? :ohdear:

I thought we had a thread like this already.

Couldn’t resist.

forget imageshack bro.

Noobish as fuck :smiley:

hah, i did this a while ago, and i just want C&C…
Also, i had an edited grass version, but i couldnt find it in my vast Pictures folder…

Stop posing.

ZOMG thats not how you help new posers
you cuss them out in a violent fashion and hide things that help them in your clusterfuck of rage.

kyno 2.0