[Newbie Problem] 2D Tables and my fails

Alright, so I’m trying to make a bank system

BankTable = {}

The other part really isnt important.

Anyway, what im trying to do is

BankTable[ply:SteamID()].interest = blabla
BankTable[ply:SteamID()].money = balbla

I read something about defining 2D tables, ok, but I don’t know when to define its a 2d table, each time I change it?

BankTable[ply:SteamID()] = {}

Ok but, where should I play that? I have multiple parts where the data is changed.

Ok, the Table problems are solved, But I came to a problem I did fix before, seems to be a different reason now



That’s the server.

local function Banka()
-- Spam of VGUI

It’s giving me the Warning that the usermessage banka wasn’t got. It has no other errors or anything.

Is cl_load.lua actually included in cl_init.lua? (Assuming this is part of a gamemode)

Use include(‘autorun\client\cl_load.lua’)

Or if it’s a gamemode scrap cl_load.lua being in autorun/client and just put it in garrysmod/gamemodes/yourgamemode/gamemode/ then do:

include(‘cl_load.lua’) in your cl_init.lua…

(Sorry if that’s a bit confusing, just ask for help if needed.)

It’s a addon.

Fixed. I seemed to have used \ instead of /