newbie programming question

I have never done any programming of any kind, so i put this here.
i want to begin on an addon for garrysmod, and im planning on a vehicle.
more of a plane, with four people to control it, its guns, its bombs, and the harpoon cannons
so 1 pilot, 1 harpoonr, 1 gunner (machine guns, shotguns, torpedoes, and homing missiled) and 1 bombardier (homing atom bombs or homing HE mssiles)
the gunner and bombardier i want to have control panels with buttons, and a screen on each for aiming
the pilot can fly with wsad and mouse, and the harpooner has a screen and launches with one button, and retract/feed out share a switch and display.
yeah, one massive flying machine is what i want to do.
so how do i even go about starting this? i have no idea how to program even.

You are way in over your head. Start with something small. Find some tutorials to get you started.

This sounds like it could be a cool contraption though. Why do you need to make it an entity?

Was thinking this as soon as I found out it was a multi-seat scripted vehicle type thing. Way too big for a first project.

Making it an entity would probably make it a lot less laggy than if it was a huge contraption.

I should try something like this. But as others said, way too hard for a first project. Try some concommand that kills the person in the argument or something, thats more on your level i think.


Try here:

i guess i was thinking more of a ‘well, i want to create a vehicle, and i really want to make something epic. and i really only want to do the programing as few times as possible. so one epic vehicle>many lesser vehicles.’
thanks for the advice though