Newbie question: Server hosting troubles

Ok, I know I’ll either get flamed or helped, but I HAVE, repeat, HAVE read the tutorial on hosting a server. I have forwarded the port(s) on my router and so on.

And yet my friend can still not connect to my server. What are the possible causes of this?

Make sure you’re giving him your external IP and not your LAN ip (Unless of course you are LANing).
There are many ways to get your external IP. This is one way:

Yeah I’ve given him the external one for sure.

Have you entered the correct port?
And Given him an external ip?

Yes, I’ve entered the default port

I’ll quote my last post “Yeah I’ve given him the external one for sure.”

Control panel > Firewall > Exceptions > Add Program
-Then add the program you use to run your server. (Srcds)

Not sure if this was the key that got mine to work. But I’ve seen a lot of people say this helps.

Wait hang on… Isn’t that “Srcds” thing just for dedicated servers? If you need it to host any type of server then I’m going to kill myself in shame and facepalmliness.


Update I’ve tried something my friend suggested, which was setting sv_lan 0 and running “heartbeat” in the console. Still not working though :frowning:



Please, I really want to get this to work!

I had a look at srcds, but I have no idea if it’s the right thing? It said something about a “virtual environment”. I just want to play the game with my friend!?