Newbie Weapon[Based on Mad Cow Base]

Hello,Guy I’m Aikawa.I’m just a Newbie SWEP Creator.
And I’m here to present you my first weapon ever…
Beretta 92FS
It’s Feature
-Sexy Model+Sexy Ironsight
-Holsterable (Good for RP)
-Burst Firemode (Coming soon in the next version)
-Realistic Damage and Recoil
-Running Animation(Gun holster when run)



If you support me please use this link

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Worshipper - Base

CPL Bradley - Hex Model/Model

[LOA] Sonofbrim - Inspired me for making SWEP

Me - Modify LUA

Not Realistic, Not Awesome. you don’t have to make release thread for single swep.
just upload to

can I ask how much of this is actually yours since all of that is built into mad cows?

Welll… Most of the credit go to Worshipper. You know what i mean :frowning:

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Should I go to Leeroy base? Because it’s more realistic.

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Anyway Thank for comment :smiley:

Leeroys base is shit, it all contains stolen code. I lost it when you said it was “More Realistic” Pfft

Thank you for your Comment :smiley:
What base do you think is the best ?

LEETNOOB’s Customizable Weapons

get gdc weapons one it has entity bullets so you have bullet drop off accuracy penalties for hip fire and recoil and proper armor piercing added to specific weapons as well as their proper accuracy ratings, and since their entity bullets theres a delay before hitting the target just like a real gun bullets don’t hit instantly

Thank You All of you for a good Suggestion about the best weapon base :smiley:
I shall release a pack of GDCW Base weapon. Thank you DELTA440 for that suggestion
Also thank you rebel1324 for a good suggestion. :smiley:

GDCW is Buggy but easier to use, LEETNOOB’s Customizable Weapons i haven’t really touched it really

I was under the impression you couldn’t use linkbucks on FP?

What do you mean ?

The M92FS is a pistol. It does not have a burst firing mode.

So if you get shot with this gun you’re virtually guaranteed to die unless you receive immediate medical care?

Please stop saying ‘Thanks for your comment :D’ it is really getting annoying.

As for your SWEP it’s nothing new and this thread is pointless.