Newcomers thought on Rust ? what was your first coupld of hours gameplay like?

I want to know if buying rust when its next available is worth it. I want to know people thoughts on it. I really like the game and the path it is taking I just want to decide whether to wait till its released or to buy it now.

Buy it now if you can’t wait.

Buy it later if you can.

You can`t buy it now! So later it is.

but what was your thoughts on it, have you just bought it ? is it worth it would you recommend it ?

is the game worth it? yeah I would say so it’s a fun game to play with friends or in clans with alliances and survive and, or just lone wolf it survival or just running around singing, being friendly, or just do random things. I had gotten my key when they were being dispersed in June and yes I would recommend it.