Newdoor problem

hi i have original hl2 , garrys mod , css,hl2 dm and hl2 lost coast…
i download this modification NEW door mod Doors and garage doors not doesnt work :((
this door

my game :

sory for my english :))

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong forum" - Benji))

That reminds me of the spawnroom doors in TF2.

I take it you don’t have that game?

i have all files game (.gcf) from friend but game I do not have

You have to have your own copy of the game in order for them to work properly.

There are shadier methods to get it working. But I won’t tell you them due to yo not actually owning the game.

Pardon my ban. I didn’t notice you were new to the forum. I’ve re-opened your thread and moved it to the proper section. For your future reference, please know that if you’re making a thread for help, it belongs in the Help & Support section.

you either need Team Fortress 2, or Half Life2, Episode 2.

Thank you all … and sory moderator :slight_smile: