Newest Source Build implementation?

So uhh, Alien Swarm has some pretty cool effects with the global dynamic shadows, huh? Can we get some gds love on Garry’s Mod?

If he did that then i can imagine that lots of things would go wrong, do you mean updating source engine or something? Either way Alien Swarm is very laggy on lots of computers, even my friend who has an awesome computer and a new graphics card can’t handle alien swarm on too high quality, so a lot of people who like to keep their computers for more than a year or not upgrade their computers all the time (or less serious gamers) will be cut out of the picture. I think whatever we have right now works fine. It doesn’t murder my computer (like alien swarm does even with a custom low end config) and it looks fine. I guess if its possible to add it as an option so people can choose to turn it off then it may be okay, but it would be a lot of effort, and for what? Dynamic shadows?

I guess the fundamental question is: “Is it worth it?”