Newfound peace

I haven’t really posted a picture in a while, mainly because I destroyed my computer with a virus ( :downs: ). After finally taking the time to fix my problem I’ve been trying to get back models and crap so I can continue with some unfinished projects and so whilst testing DoD:S maps and models I decided to just do a quickie.

I wanted to test a bloody smear. It’s all right in my opinion even though it’s not entirely how I imagined it woud look, I’m content regardless. It has been a while since I’ve touched photoshop too D: .

Sexy, love the light through the windows, but his epaulets are glowing.


Ah yes, and the blood looks good to me.

Like Ham Wallet said, the blood and light editing look good!

Yea, the blood smear seems too blurry. The blood on his chest and mouth are also too dark, making them stand out. Like the light through the window, though.


the blood is weird to me

it’s a little too blurry compared to the wall and soldier

I absolutely love this. Great posing and edit Jim!