Newhaven (WIP)

I’m making a map called rp_newhaven that is going to be a city. Or something of one, anyways. I currently use my server as a means of testing it and getting feedback. I have some screenshots from a quite earlier stage in it’s development, now bare in mind it’s nowhere near finished. It may not be top quality in terms of visuals, however I’m trying to add many fun features to it. Such as there being a safe in the landlord’s office for the apartment complex, which is only openable by a hidden button. If you wish to test it, and look at the map as it progresses you may visit my server. <— This is the IP.

I apologize that there is currently not much to show for the map so far, but I promise the end product will be a very diverse and interesting map. Here are some screenshots from earlier on in it’s design;

This is a photo gallery. I apologize once more for the inconvenience with not using img tags. However when I tried to use them, it didn’t seem to work. For me anyways. So as you can see, I’ve finished the city hall mostly, and am working on the apartment complex. Regardless, I will release the link to download the finished product once I do complete the map. In the meantime, I appreciate your bearing with me. And again, I understand the visuals aren’t the greatest. But again, I’m new so try to cut me some slack if you can, thanks.


Some more screenshots, not much new but some stuff that has been changed a bit. Also some work on the apartment complex.

So yeah, some new screenshots. And I finally got the img tags to work. Oh and if your trying to join my server but are having to download a ton of stuff, it’s due to a lot of stuff is installed. Like engine mod, kermite weapons, etc. Just so you know

11/27/09 - Update With some new screenshots for the TV And Gun stores.

Here are some new screenshots, I know their very few, but hey it’s progress. Also, the gunstore has a security office, lounge, and a room for a armory and whatnot, as well as a checkpoint. The TV Store has a loading/unloading zone in the back of it, for trucks and such. There is also an alleyway between them with a fence splitting it up. It’s not much, but again, it’s progress. Enjoy!

Have more to show before making a thread.


Sorry. I know it’s not much to go by, but I’m new to mapping. And I’m eager to show that I’m not a total loss at mapping. But I’ve got plenty of time to work on the map, and nothing better to do so the map is something I should be able to finish. I’m again sorry for not having much, I probably should have waited and done more before posting. Again my apologies.

From what you showed us you kinda are a total loss at mapping, well, at least it is not full bright.

Yeah, I know I’m not the best. That’s for sure. But this is how I get better though, learning what not to do. But you know, this is actually pretty fun to me. I like mapping. And I’m proud of my abilities so far, no matter how small they may be at this point.

try to make it so that the lights arent coming out of thin air, it looks weird now.

Thanks for the tip! Like I said, it needs a lot of work. But good point, I should probably add static props so it doesn’t look like the lights are coming out of god’s arse.

I tihnk it would be neat if someone replicated newhaven from Borderlands. :3:

Add door frames and window frames

Yeah, the more you guys say things, the more I realize it’s missing. But this is my second attempt at a major map. But I appreciate all the feedback, it’s very helpful.

That was a rather dick comment. It looks alright for a beginner, he’s clearly got rooms, lighting and entities down, along with basic layout.

well, since you’re looking for help in mapping, I’d suggest these: - Click on level design for info specifically on mapping.

Those will probably be more help than any one post could be, so your welcome.

Thank you. I’m still at work on the map, I think so far my achilles heel in mapping is making elevators. I’m having trouble getting this one I’m trying to put in to work, I’m having trouble with the logic entities. Anyways, again thanks.

How convenient. - Simplified, to get you started if its too complicated - Exactly what you’ll want - Exactly what you’ll want done a different way - Exactly what you’ll want plus better looks - Exactly what you’ll want plus looks and animation, more complicated


This is facepunch. If anything the guy was too nice. This is nowhere near enough to warrant a thread.

Wow thanks, that’s helpful. Mainly I’ve been using the wiki on source sdk, but these sources should help it along. Thanks a lot.


For just starting mapping, you’re doing pretty good. Keep it up. BTW: You might want to add a roof over the house/building so it isn’t open in the top.

Wow, thanks! I started just recently. And again thanks. I know I do need to add a roof, that’s for sure. Otherwise I doubt many people would want to live in it, I know I wouldn’t. But that’s also because it’s not entirely finished. There’s going to be a roof indeed, with a stairwell leading up to it. And I’m going to ensure the map has a nice small airspace above it for helicopters. Like police helicopters. But again thanks, I’m expanding the map a bit as we speak.