Newly opened European server, looking for survivalist!

This is a new server, started on 16.08.2014

There are active admins, friendly, fair and english speaking ones.
There will be no admin abuse, everyone gets the same treatment.
There will be no wipe on this server, so do not be afraid to loose your stuff.
There is airdrops every two hours, so get ready for a fight to get the most valueable drop.
There will be LIMITED C4 because there will be no wipe on the server. C4 will come from airdrop & loots.
The server is pre-paid for 6 months!

Short summary of features:
No Durability
NO Decay
KITs to help you survive your first days, and get you started
Crafting speed reduced by 50%!
Airdrops every 30min!
Remove function (able to remove pillars, foundation and ceiling!)
Vote for the server and get unique rewards! (Type “/reward help” in-game)
LIMITED C4, because there will be no wipe on the server
Abandon buildings will be removed by admin(s) to make space for new players
Enhanced anti-cheat plugins have been installed
Active Admins

The rules are

  • No cheating
  • No shooting through walls
  • No glitching / bug using

What more can you ask for?
Do visit and see if you like it!
Everyone is welcome!

Press F1 when you are in the game and type or paste “net.connect” and press enter, and you are in for a fun time.

Looking forward to see you online!

What’s happening to the server? is it still down ? i can’t seem to get in.

Sorry mate, I changed the server location to another country on mistake. But all your stuff is still there.
I tried to add you on Steam aswell, but you didn’t accept.

The new ip is;
Please come again!

The server still ned survivalist, please do join and be a part of the community! :slight_smile:

16.08.NEW [EN/DE] No Wipes/Activ.Admins/Airdrops/50% Craft/NO Durability

Server update!

Feature list
50% faster crafting speed
Remove function
Starter kit
No wipe
No durability
No decay(for now)
Airdrops two times a day(real time)
Active admin
Vote and get rewards!

More to come


so far your set of features is looking good. im hoping you have no sleepers as well. and teleport would be amazing, like being able to go to all the majour locations in the game through teleport. but no sleepers is the only thing id need to be down for this server

…ah i see now on that link that you do have sleepers… also i just realized i was totally on your server not too long ago ha! yeah i guess my only problem is that you have sleepers. otherwise everything is good

May I ask why you arent fond of “Sleepers”? :slight_smile: Sleepers makes raiding much more fun.
Thanks for playing though!

cause im not into the whole raiding thing. prefer to be left alone lol id play on a pve server but none of them have all the features im looking for.

I see, well good thing is that C4 is limited on the server so there wont be that much of a raiding :slight_smile:
Hope you will still stay.

The community is growing slowly but surely, make sure to join and check it out and help building a good community!