Next BIG update - Global wipe?

Several server admins seem to think there is a big update coming EOM that will require a global wipe (user data and map data) is this the case?

we are trying to figure out our server wipe plans and players are in limbo.

guidance from FP would be great for server owners.


May wipe is confirmed. Whether or not BPs need to wipe is unknown to the best of my knowledge. That’s usually at the server admin’s discretion unless they’ve made a change to the crafting system. It’s been a while not since that’s happened.

Do we have a date for the May wipe?


With Thursday’s update.

For the next time

The question become if they do a wipe today, are they still going to do one next week? Because normally they also do one at the first Thursday, start of a new month.

And given that there is only one week time different, a lot of players may not invest a lot of time playing on a map, they know will be wiped only a week later.

I found that they really need to get there act together and put there map updates or anything that requires a map wipe to put this for general release **only **on that first Thursday of a new month.

Its annoying to not know if they are going to wipe or not. If they stick to a fixed wipe schedule, its way more easy for the players.

If you can’t handle the wipes, get out of the alpha, kids.

Nobody likes losing progression but expecting object permanence in alpha is a particular kind of derangement I don’t understand.

I never said that people expect perma objects. The game can not even handle that with the current limitations.

But now its is:

Wipe … 1 week … wipe … 3 week … wipe … 2 week wipe …

There is totally no predictability in there wipes. Its more like: “hey, we just finished x feature, lets dump it out”.

My job is software development and frankly this way of releasing updates just does not fly. The argument that the game is alpha is not acceptable. The moment you allow clients to use your software, you lose part of your freedom in regards to releases. You want money to develop, then you also need to take in account the end users… If they do not like people complaining, then do not release games in pre-sales years before they are finished.

The problem i have is, that they say a fixed wipe each month but at the same time they do not match there ( wipe requiring ) releases to the wipe.

And frankly… its NOT that hard to use a SCRUM schedule for your larger / map / game breaking features releases.

Today the wipe will be because they made some small changes to the procedural map generation. Is it so hard to wait until there official wipe day? No its not. Its not a critical change. So why bother?

That is the point i am making elixwhitetail… You can see how there are moments on the server that nobody bothers playing anymore because of that uncertainty. You can not forget that it takes dozens of hours just to make a defensible simple base. Its not like this is a game where people jump in and in a hour regain what they lost. Some games in alpha have a mechanics that refunding the money or vehicles after a wipe, so people do not lose there progress. But given the nature of Rust, this does not exist. So its not that hard to expect the developers to wipe on there official days and not just trow wipes around unexpected.

I expected the wipe when i saw the developers log and the fact that they where playing with the terrain. But most of our players do not read the developers logs / understand what is going on.

I am just asking that the developers use there brains and do keep the public release coding changes, that will force a wipe to THERE OWN OFFICIAL schedule. Not that hard is it?

but… today is still april, the next wipe should be on next week.

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well we just finised our clanbase, spent about 80k scrap metal and now just all gone. but anyway almost all from naked minners… so easy come easy go. otherways, wipe in every 2-3 week is frustrating.