Next Facepunch Mapping Contest - What'll it be?

So we’re coming to the end of the maojority of the mapping contests around, and people are coming to an end on the Winter Contest too, so it would be interesting to gather ideas as to the preferred theme of the upcoming contest.

So here is a big list of the majority of the ideas to date:

[li]Vertical (9)[/li][li]Steampunk (7)[/li][li]Hideout (8)[/li][li]Mythology (6)[/li][li]Space / Sci Fi (5)[/li][li]Bunker (3)[/li][li]Dreamland (3)[/li][li]Medieval (3)[/li][li]World War I (2)[/li][li]Western (2)[/li][li]Desert (2)[/li][li]Abandoned (2)[/li][li]Victorian (1)[/li][li]Vulnerability (1)[/li][li]Freedom (1)[/li][li]Seascape / Open ocean. (1)[/li][li]Vacant (1)[/li][li]Idyllic (1)[/li][li]Claustrophobia (1)[/li][li]Cyberpunk (1)[/li][li]Tropical[/li][li]Spring[/li][li]Paranormal[/li][li]Natural[/li][li]Prehistoric[/li][li]Decadence[/li][li]Playful[/li][li]Island[/li][li]Colony[/li][li]Wooden[/li][li]Techpunk[/li][/ul]

Votes and ideas will be gladly appreciated, I suggest we each choose our top 5 and we can go from there, there’s no rush to get this competition started is there?

Western would be really cool. As well as mythology. I’d like to see some historical, ancient world stuff. But not ruined and stuff, actually like you’re living in the time period of which it was around. Maybe some Roman/Greek temples.

make a poll

I shall do, but the limit is 10 options, and there are more than 10 ideas, and I think they all deserve an equal chance, hence my suggestion for everyone to give their top 5 and I’ll tally them up to see which ideas we prefer.

World War I trenches.

I vote for sci fi or bunker. I want to see more cool space maps. Or like that guy who made that borderlands tunnel.

A ‘Hideout’ or ‘Dreamland’ theme would be good. Mostly, because both are very open to interpretation and could end up with lots of varied results.

The ‘Hideout’ theme could be located anywhere from in a desert, to in the side of a cliff or on a mountain or even underwater. Also, the ‘Dreamland’ theme, although most entries would most likely be surreal abstract style (Nipper-esque), a dreamland setting could consist of practicaly anything.

Just my opinion and thoughts.

Vertical could be interesting

My personal favourites, in no particular order:

  • Steampunk
  • Vulnerability
  • Hideout
  • Vertical
  • Idyllic


Space or Sci-fi.

They are interchangeable.

Noted and combined.

what does “vertical” mean here?

I agree with Blah360, it would be great to see some mythological maps based off of ancient greek cities.

So my vote goes to mythology.

Add something that has wierd/cool architecture.

Whatever you want it to, I’m hoping contestants will have more of a creative licence in this contest.

That would count as vertical methinks.

[li]Dreamland -[/li][li]Victorian -[/li][li]Medieval -[/li][li]Freedom -[/li][li]Desert -[/li][/ul]

Vacant please

I would vote for seascape because i think it would be pretty cool if people would make like oilrigs (or w/e there called) and sunken ships that kind of thing.