Next-Gen Half-Life 2 Roleplay

I would like to introduce you to a community, a community where dedicated members partake in serious Half-Life 2 roleplay, where minges aren’t just kicked but are taught by a dedicated administration team, this community is the Next-Gen community.

Our Half-Life 2 Roleplay server has a dedicated administration and management team who try to be on as much as possible, we have admins in many different timezones for this very reason. Our gamemode is a private custom scripted one, not an edit of tacoscript or any of the many other released Half-Life 2 roleplay gamemodes.
The server is 24 slot and has many different factions, with more getting added as we get more popular. Currently we have Citizen, Vortigaunt, Stalker, Combine, Resistance.

You can discuss the server and much more on our board at:

Our server IP is:

Please note, the server does have a fastdl, so downloads will be pretty fast over the http connection.


[tab]cruise control[/tab]

C’mon peeps, join! I’ve been on my own for a few hours now xD

The server is up and running, we are planning a major event for tomorrow afternoon.
Drop in some time and check it out!

Don’t forget, drop in some time around 7pm GMT onto the server!

eh… I’ll try it out… but only if I get free pass to vortigaunt :slight_smile:

But more information would be nice.

Add me on steam, Lappyexpert123, I’ll speak to you about becoming vort there.

This is the best RP server ever :D!

It’s really nice… I had fun even though there were 5-10 ppl on.

I want this. I’ll be there, I hope to be a vort or stalker.

Haaaaaaaaaaaay its Kyle Barnes from the server here, i have your babies hostage inside my rectum, i want 10000 tokens by the time i get my combine flags or i eat dem

lol… never mind.

Hey larth…

Any way… this is a really nice server and it would be better if there were more people.

Oh and lappy I can’t find your steam page. Link please?

Why do I get a “FOOK THAT SHIT I WANT BEEF” message when I try and join?

That’s the servers testing mode and emergency crash protector.

We have those? Anyways guise join :smiley:

Yes, we have that, if you didn’t notice it yet.

And yes, peeps, get on da server :stuck_out_tongue:

I do want to be a part of some faction. Add me too steam, my account name is Neocl222.

Right, join the CUU.

He could join the Vortigaunts. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh yeah wait, join the City Administration.

Nooo! I saw him first!