Next patch visual update or content? Vote

It appears on the trello that they are working on the GUI which is great and all, but it seems more and more servers are emptying out due to the lack of content. So should this next update be content or visual again.

Vote your opinion here.


I want it to be whatever they think is best.

I vote that the developers have the choice.

honestly i would rather have content than visuals. i understand the reason they updated visuals last time and agree with that decision. i would like to see something new. some kind of game mechanic introduced that we havent seen before. something to break up the “gather resources…make gun…shoot noobs…” monotony

The game is going to take years to make, they can’t always be pushing out content updates.

Plus I don’t think our opinion matters that much at this stage, I trust the devs to get shit done.

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Everyone wants more content, but there are other parts of building a game than just tossing in new mechanics and content.