Next Step: Family

when players will randomoly spawn as women, male and female players should be able to craft one or more children.

the children have in AI based on their age (24h = one or two years, and yes, also players should grow old)

after a certain age, you can decide if you want to play with your regular avatar, or with the new childish avatar in common with your friend.

the new born can’t respawn after death.

How about growing armies of children well fed to defend your home while off-line, and to help raid your enemies?


an AI scripting UI could be implemented to program your army of child-bots, omfg it would be amazing.

You should never have kids :smiley:

The idea is interesting, but not priority No. 1

I agree that he should never have kids XD

But I don’t think its realistic to implement so much AI … think of the server power needed if every player hosts his own army of crazy killer children ^^

Somehow I don’t think swarms of child gatherbots/guard dogs is what garry envisioned for Rust. I could be wrong, but I’ve got a hunch…

it’s obviously a joke, but the idea behind its kinda cool right?

to make a child it should be expansive, in matters of time and resources

female players:

“i go farming outside only when pregnant, people kills me less”

to have two or three children would become very hard, and to see them grow even harder

“oh shit we got raided, OH NOES MY BABIES!”

it would change too much the game to be considered a serious suggestion, but it’s something id love to see in the future; the chance to program and script your own bots in a multyplayer game would be so mindfucking epic.


or, you’re a woman, and some other player rape you, and you have to face to consequences of having a child, alone, :v

the most pervert game ever

“i go farming outside only when pregnant, people kills me less”

I am guessing you haven’t played much Rust.

At least 90% of the population plays primarily to kill and raid, its more like a fps with a few building mechanics to them.

Race, Gender and condition aren’t going to do shit to prevent them from killing you because thats all they want to do.

I know this was suggested as sort of a joke, but you neglected to realize the shitstorm that would result. If “children” were killable, then Rust is all over the media as a “child murder simulator”, if they are invincible, the player base bitches because groups use their invincible “children” to build up uber-bases.

children should definetly be killable, but they should stay in child age state for a short period (24/48h)
and if all the media talk about rust, bad or good, it’s free commercial, so it’s good :slight_smile:

but remember, it won’t happen. and that makes me sad inside.