Next thing I'd like to see getting fixed.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who just hates this so much. Pretty much on every server I’ve been playing on there has been some idiot looting through the walls which is pissing me off. I really hope you guys will focus on getting this fixed because right now I can’t even leave my house with out being scared for a hacker ruining my shit. I’m not sure how they’re doing this, but I just hope it’ll get fixed soon.

OOOOR you just move all the boxes to the middle of your house

ya…why fix bugs and hacks when you can just place your shit in the middle of the room…durrrrr

That doesn’t work if you don’t have a big house. :slight_smile:

Lol you don’t even need to do that just place them down to where they are not clipping through the wall… Logic


My chests were not that close to the walls and they still took my shit.

The only way they can loot through walls is if they are clipping through, if that happened then they could have blown down a wall looted and replaced it or they are hacking.

what if they blew up a wall and replaced it? did you actually see them walk through without sound? it’s a known strategy to blow your mind…

Lets not get off topic here…

Hes got a valid bug. Dont allow people to view objects and interact with them through walls…its fixable. No need for dumb hillbilly fixes.


This “valid bug” has been known since ive been playing (when the game was still a web browser) and they have not fixed it. I was just simply giving an explanation of what occurred. The only way for them to loot through the wall is if it was clipping through, if it was not then they either hacked in or blew down a wall and replaced it.

They can just go to the wall, and if the chest is within 3 feet or something like that, they can loot… I even saw a livestreamer do it with his hack. It doesn’t work as you say.

The only way to not get looted through the wall is by making a 3x3 house, 3+ floors and place the loot in the middle! Also make sure they can’t build up… Don’t act like you know what’s happening when you actually don’t.


I’m not normally one to wish misfortune on others, but I’d really like this to happen to these naive ‘know-it-alls’, so they’ll get it.

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From what I can tell a 1x1 or even 1x2 is not safe no matter where you place your chest. There is a range limit for the hack to work but unfortunately it covers the whole of a normal 1x1 house and possibly larger.

This isn’t a bug sadly it’s hacks, there is a hacking site called ArtificialAiming that sells these hacks :(. Garry needs to either actually put a anti cheat or something of that swort.

no it doesnt cover a full 1x1

FTFY… Don’t advertise them, dude. At least make wannabe-cheating tards have to scrounge around and hopefully get scammed by all the fake cheat-selling sites lol