Next update has cars

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The game used to have cars, they have since been removed. You’ll notice that video was posted in July of last year.


Yhey removed the cars because they actually were Rust proof…Damn it is shinny.

I believe that the car was a stock Unity prop. It just happened to be in the coding since its part of Unity. The fact that it initially couldn’t be exited or really driven was due to an initial attempt at removing it. Now it is either totally removed from the game or the command to summon it changed. Also, they could only be spawned by a server Admin.

He photoshopped the car in… Here is the real list.

oh warfare I didnt know you were sherlock


Isn’t that a picture of Barry from Facepalm Studios?

they wern’t remove i can spawn them in you can hop in you just cant drive

That car was a unity demo car or something as far as i know.So it does not even belong to the game

Lol it was in another survival game as well. Put it back in! We are bored! It may not belong but neither does Kevlar or M4s!

I think he forgot how to crop.

Trying to convince people with such poor photoshop…

If you try, atleast let us know you actually tried it…

Try it:

(URL is: How to- Crop an Image in Photoshop Cs6 in a Professional way !! )

Or perhaps it was simply a joke to liven the mood. Kids so serious these days.

Jokes are supposed to make you laugh, can’t find away to laugh at this “joke”.

Some people aren’t much around here, and might actually think “cars!”.
So they might get false faith. Therefore i don’t consider it as a joke, but just a troll thread.

This topic made me laugh. Good topic.

Lighten up, Francis.

Looks more like he MS paint’ed the car in instead

It was a joke to make people laugh, also I know I’m a professional Photoshop artist people can stop saying it now. :smiley: