Next update may contain fishing rods?

I was browsing the Assembly-CSharp and found that they have already added how the character holds the fishing rod.

That could be very interesting. But I’m allergic to fish IRL, so I consider this offensive and insensitive.

Garry please fix immediately TIA

Also allergic to fish. I demand special treatment like fish protein-free servers and epi-pens just in case.

my religion means that i HAVE to have access to fish. i find it appalling that you are discriminating against me in such as way, and will never play rust again forevers. also, you are all adopted, and everybody thinks you smell funny but they don’t want to tell you.

I didn’t want to get into this but I am also allergic to people being appalled. Mods?

it’s alright, my fish god will cure you of that;)

I demand my own fish free island
With blackjack. A hookers.

So basically, Rust Vegas.

just the hookers for me. and fish…for “religious” reasons.

boars, horses, wolfs, bears, chicken… mermaids? :wink:

I’m sure since we only have male characters so far, those hookers may get a little “fishy” rather quickly.

Here’s yer epi-pen (devblog 28 seems so long ago):

Will the fish give you wolf meat though? :wink:

Maybe they’ll be wolf fish?

Fishing rod has been on the bench for so long, and there’s so much more to do in terms of gameplay first that there’s no way this is anything more than preemptive preparation.

you mean like cameras and guitars that kind of important thing?

No, I mean like what good is a fishing rod without fish?

Haha, good point. Though, fishing up some wolf meat might be fun.

What my previous snarky comment really meant was that the occasional “fun” but not critical game feature really does need to be thrown in every once in a while to help keep things interesting. The guitar is awesome. The camera… meh… maybe I just don’t understand it? I was hoping the thing would have a telephoto lens.

chicken breast. more traditional;)

I can’t wait until I can craft a little wooden canoe and just fish out in the middle of the water, and only be bothered by a guy on a boat with a gun once a day at best.