Next Update Necessary Changes

In hopes that the community will agree with this, here is very small, doable list of updates that I believe are absolutely necessary and should be implemented as soon as possible.
[ From most significant to least ]

    1. When a rifle is unequipped in your hot bar, it will show up ON YOUR BACK
  1. Bow upgrades (because it is easily the best weapon in the game, or at least, WILL be)
  2. Update to the environment (as seen on trello)
    This one will not be as easy:
  3. Prevent client-side hacks (modifying .dll’s will result in a game uninstall , VAC ban, something to keep the virgin hackers at bay)

With these put in, I would be straight with the game forever. Needless to say, love the game as is.

Those hackers will find a way to do it anyways… But yeah :confused:

2 is planed for next update

Most of these are visual. I don’t think they’re too worried about visual eyecandy right now. More worried about making an enjoyable playing experience…

Well, point 1 is pretty important when looking at enjoyable playing experience… Would reduce the need to KOS new spawned people, cause you dont know if they have a shotgun between their buttcheeks :slight_smile:

I’d love to see more character customization, the idea of seeing what the player has equiped (or on their body) would be amazing.

they should add another weapon like the air rifle gun :dance:

Being able to see a devious naked’s weapon on their back before them pulling it out of their ass and mowing you down makes for an enjoyable playing experience. It also adds to the realism, which is one of Garry’s end goals he has stated.

I agree- there needs to be more difficulty in making the higher-end tier weapons (M4’s), and less in weapons that are obviously less effective but still usable. I’m all for an air rifle

Seconded. The weapon thing I believe is necessary. Character customization will undoubtedly come later on. I want to put dreads on my character

I think they just need to fix the server lag first.

They need to add a scope , and sniper rifle , there needs to be a reliable home defense sistem!
also there shoud be some kind of knife , and diffrent kinds of bullets ( armour pierce , hollow point etc )
they shoud add trpdoor and ladder sistem

More necessary than that - A hotfix for the horrible, mind-boggling, gut wrenching, Testicle rotting, eye popping, brain searing lag. ASAP.

EDIT: I have no idea why I only capitalized testicle.

please no snipers. the game will be ruined instantly.