Next Update v5 - April 2016 Update is out!


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Latest update is out:

Please keep your requests and bug reports to these repositories so they don’t get buried in this thread.

Thank god :smiley:
Good job Willox and Rubat and other contributors

“April 2014” :v:

Oh lord, auto fill failed me.

What does lua_findhooks do?

Trello link should probably be removed since people keep trying to make requests on there

for example :
lua_findhooks Think


	Portalgun Holding Item - (function: 0x3f2ac3b0)
	WireMapInterface_Think - (function: 0x3cab7cc0)
	pace_shortcuts - (function: 0x3c7e0f00)
	pace_undo_Think - (function: 0x3c7d8028)
	DOFThink - (function: 0x3e054310)
	Streamradio_Control - (function: 0x3c713228)
	webaudio - (function: 0x3c61ef58)
	DragNDropThink - (function: 0x3c479dd8)
	RealFrameTime - (function: 0x3c4131e0)
	SmartsnapThink - (function: 0x3c42e828)
	NotificationThink - (function: 0x3c3c5d30)
	E2Helper_KeyListener - (function: 0x3de83638)
	Reset Camera Roll - (function: 0x3f040a80)
	WireHUDIndicatorCVarCheck - (function: 0x3e4e2838)
	wd_CameraCheck - (function: 0x3e044f88)
	BoneAnimThink - (function: 0x3c641ac0)
	wd_hilight_think - (function: 0x3e044a48)
	ReloadColors - (function: 0x3e01c378)
	pac_Think - (function: 0x3c68e290)
	pace_mctrl_Think - (function: 0x3c7ec608)
	pac_request_outfits - (function: 0x3c7a18b0)
	pac_projectile - (function: 0x3c75aaa8)

“Disallowed removal or engine created panels ( You can still remove Lua created panels )”

please fix

Armor is now networked as a 32-bit unsigned integer

probably the best thing in this uptade


I was actually fond of doing that in big open sandbox maps :frowning:

Seems like the new update breaks custom chatboxes.


The day when sv_crazyphysics_defuse actually works (on ttt) is the day I’ll appreciate an update more than others.

I seem to have lost my wiki password. How do I reset it?

So what do those do, anyways? They don’t seem to output anything, neither executing them on client nor adding them to HUDPaint (at least the ScreenText one). No wiki page either.

I can confirm that.

Then maybe inform the dev to fix it? We can’t do anything about it, its natural that update breaks something, what would be updates if nothing would break? :smiley:

You need to have “developer 1” or “developer 2” enabled, as far as I remember.

Seems like the client version differs from the server even though I’ve updated the server at least 5 times.

Wait, has the Trello been abandoned or does it still exist?